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Pulsoximetru WK200

Model: WK200
Producator: Xunda

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Aparat de masura a pulsului si a oxigenului din sange Pulsoximetru WK200,ecran OLED, utilizare foarte usoara, alimentare de la baterii alcaline tip AAA (2buc), autonomie de cca 30-40ore. Se inchide automat in caz de neutilizare mai mult de 8sec, indica vizual daca bateriile sunt consumate.Pulsoximetru WK200 cu ecran OLED asigura o solutie corecta pentru masurarea SPO2 si a pulsului Caracteristici Pulsoximetru WK200:
- masoara pulsul si oxigenul din sange
- utilizare foarte usoara
- mic, greutate redusa
- alimentare 2 baterii alcaline tip AAA
- se inchide automat in caz de neutilizare mai mult de 8 sec
- autonomie de cca 30-40 ore
- afisaj bicolor OLED
- afisare SpO2 si bara puls
- oprire automata
- indicator baterie descarcata
- marja eroare +/- 2%
Garantie: 12 luni Date tehnice producator Pulsoximetru WK 200: Display Type: OLED display
- SP02 Measurement Range: 70%-100%
- Accuracy +/-2% on the stage of 70% - 99%
- Pulse Range Measurement Range: 25 – 250 BPM
- Accuracy +/-1BPM or +/-1% (larger)
Power Requirement: Two AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries
- Voltage range: 2.6 - 3.6V
Low Consumption: Less than 30mA
Measurement Accuracy: SpO2 Accuracy +/-2% on the stage of 70% - 99%
- No definition of less than 70%
- Pulse rate +/-1BPM or +/-1% (larger)
Measurement Performance in Low Perfusion Condition: The pulse wave is available without failure when the simulation pulse wave amplitude is at 6%
Anti-interference ability of ambient light: Natural light in indoor lighting and the existing oxygen measurements under dark conditions with the measured values compared to less than 1%.
The product will automatically be powered off when no signal is in the product for longer than 8 seconds.
Dimension Length: 58 mm, Width: 32mm
- Weight: 54g (including two AAA batteries)
Environment Requirements: Operation Temperature: 40° F - 104°F
Storage Temperature: 50° F - 104°F

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